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Records of Program Compliance


A record is a document consciously retained as evidence of an action. Work-based learning (WBL) teacher-coordinators are required to maintain records to demonstrate that their WBL courses comply with laws, regulations, and policies.

Click each required CTE record below for a description.

Additional Resources for Notification of Nondiscrimination Requirements

Download English and Spanish versions of sample public notification of nondiscrimination in CTE programs that include all required elements for complying with this requirement from the Methods of Administration Guidance and Resources page on the TEA website.

Take a moment to bookmark the following websites which contain additional information regarding these requirements:

Employer Recordkeeping Requirements

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State and federal laws require employers to keep certain records on their employees including certain identifying information about the employee and data about the hours worked and wages earned. 

The teacher coordinating a student's WBL experience is not responsible for gathering this information for the employer. However, it is useful to be aware of the type of information employers are legally required to have.


Take a moment to review and bookmark or download the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Fact Sheet #21: Recordkeeping Requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


PEIMS Reporting

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In most cases, WBL instructors are not responsible for entering information into the Texas Education Agency's Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).

However, it is the CTE instructor’s responsibility to enter the correct PEIMS codes on the forms he or she completes. If you are not sure about the correct PEIMS code, check with your CTE administrator.


Refer back to section 3 of this training for information on PEIMS codes for WBL students.

Records Retention

State law requires that school districts keep training plans and other supporting documents for five years from the time the student exits the program. This includes documentation of the student’s hours worked, employer evaluations, and site visits to training stations.





Local policies may require that records are kept longer.
As always, follow whichever policy is the most stringent.


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