Using the TPRI Grade 1 Administration Module

Using the TPRI Grade 1 Administration Module

The training is divided into four units:

  1. What is the TPRI?
  2. Why use the TPRI?
  3. How and when do we administer the TPRI?
  4. What Next?

Some units consist of videos along with related activities. You may download a copy of the participation packet by clicking the link below. The participation packet will be used to follow presentation slides, take notes, and for practice opportunities.

Participation packet (download here)

The total time required to complete this module is approximately an hour. The module may be completed at your own pace: You may complete all units and sections in a single session, or you may log in multiple times as you work through the information and activities.

Welcome to Unit 1: What is the TPRI?

In this unit, we will focus on what is included in the Grade 1 TPRI kit and what it assesses. We will use portions of the participant packet throughout this unit.

There are two sections in this unit.

  1.  What is the TPRI?
  2.  What is in the Grade 1 Kit?


What is the TPRI?

What is the TPRI?

The Texas Primary Reading Instrument (TPRI) is a reading assessment for use in kindergarten through third grade. The TPRI is given by the classroom teacher to each student in the class. It consists of a Screening Section and an Inventory Section. The TPRI allows teachers to monitor progress at three time points: beginning, middle, and end-of-year.

What are the Screening and the Inventory Sections?

The Screening Section is brief, and it is used to identify students who may be considered at-risk for falling behind as readers. The Screening Section consists of two evidence-based tasks found to be highly predictive of reading success for kindergartners: letter-sound identification and the phonemic awareness skill of blending.

The Inventory Section is a lengthier assessment of a collection of skills that are critical for effective reading.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Graphophonemic Knowledge
  • Word Reading
  • Reading Accuracy, Fluency, and Comprehension

The Inventory Section is designed to give teachers additional data to help them plan and provide appropriate reading instruction to meet the individual needs of students.

What is in the Grade 1 Kit?


TPRI Kits consist of the following components.

  • A Teacher’s Guide with comprehensive instructions for giving the assessment, background information on the design and development of the assessment, and a section for helping teachers make the connection from collecting data to providing instruction.
  • Task cards to show students when administering some screening and inventory tasks.
  • A Story Booklet with the stories students read. (This component of the kit is not used in kindergarten.)
  • A magnetic board and letters for use with first grade inventory tasks.
  • An Intervention Activities Guide with hundreds of intervention activities and additional instructional information.
  • Student Record Sheets and Class Summary Sheets to record student results.
  • Stopwatch

All printable materials will be available for download at the conclusion of the course. Other materials referenced (e.g., magnetic board, magnetic letters) should be gathered prior to administering the TPRI.


Drag and drop each item to either the Screening Section or the Inventory Section.