OnTRACK English I Writing: Editing

  • Subject(s): ELA & Reading
  • Grade Range: HS - 12
  • Release date: 04-15-2016
  • Tags: tenses, subjunctive mood, passive voice, participle, indicative mood, imperative, complex tense, auxiliary, active voice, sentence variety, participles, infinitives, gerunds, restrictive relative clause, prepositional phrase, nonrestrictive relative clause, contrasting expression, adjectival clause, reciprocal pronoun, grammar, diction, sentences, sentence structure, sentence, compound-complex sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, mechanics, initialisms, eponyms, acronyms, semicolon, punctuation, prosody, proofreading, ellipses, coordinating conjunction, conjunctive adverb, comma, suffix, Spelling, rhyme scheme, phonics, phoneme, irony, homophone, grapheme, context, subject-verb agreement, sentence fragment, revising, phrases, indefinite pronoun, editing, clauses, antecedent, strategies for editing, revision, ratiocination, proofread, capitalization, revise, edit


OnTRACK English I Writing, Module 8, Lessons 1–9 and Practices 1–3. Students write legibly and use appropriate capitalization and punctuation conventions in their compositions; spell correctly; and edit drafts for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.


ELA.E1.17.A, ELA.E1.9.D.iii, ELA.E1.9.C, ELA.E1.9.D.iv, ELA.E1.9.D.v, ELA.E1.18.B.ii, ELA.E1.18.B.iii, ELA.E1.9.D.vi, ELA.E1.13.D