OnTRACK Grade 8 English: Writing

  • Subject(s): ELA & Reading
  • Grade Range: HS - 12
  • Release date: 08-22-2015
  • Tags: setting, point of view, plot, narrative hook, dialogue, conflict, round character, narrator, flat character, character, tone, syntax, style, mood, literary device, foreshadowing, diction, dialog, personal narrative, narrative, central idea, procedural text, logical order, expository text, controlling idea, transitional words and phrases, simple sentence, rhetorical device, compound sentence, complex sentence, synthesize, coherent, thesis, persuasive text, refute, opinion, fact, evidence, counterargument


OnTRACK Grade 8 English Writing, Module 1 Lessons 1–9. Students will learn how to write literary texts, personal narratives, expository/procedural texts, and persuasive tests.


ELA.8.15.A.i, ELA.8.15.A.ii, ELA.8.15.A.iii, ELA.8.11.A, ELA.8.6.E, ELA.8.10.A, ELA.8.17.A.i, ELA.8.17.A.ii, ELA.8.17.A.iii, ELA.8.11.B, ELA.8.17.A.v, ELA.8.17.A.iv, ELA.8.18.A, ELA.8.18.B, ELA.8.18.C