Drafting an Introduction

This resource presents instructional practices for modeling and teaching students how to draft a personal narrative.

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After students have brainstormed ideas, narrowed their topic, and written the central idea, they are ready to begin drafting their personal narrative essays.

Remember, personal narratives contain a beginning with a strong introduction, a middle, and an end.

Have Handout 32 (your completed prewriting graphic organizers) available for use during the video.

When you are ready, click play on the video below.

Now, locate and reread the central idea you wrote on Handout 32.

When you are ready, click play on the video below.

Take a few minutes to think about the tone of your personal narrative and the effect you want it to have on readers.

Locate Handout 38. It presents the key ideas from the model lesson you have been watching in the videos. Locate and read Section 3 (page 2 of the handout) to learn more about different ways to "hook" the audience or readers.

Now think about what kind of hook you want to try in your essay.

When you are ready, click play on the video below.

Now it is your turn to write an introduction for your personal narrative. 

Locate Handout 39: Personal Narrative Essay Draft 1.

Write your introduction on this handout. Remember to introduce the central idea, set the tone, and include a hook.

When you are finished, take a few minutes to review all of the key ideas from the model lesson on Handout 38. Think about how you will model this step for your students. In the classroom, remember to introduce and teach each strategy and step of the writing process separately and over time (several lessons or class sessions).

Finishing the Draft

So far, you have selected a topic, defined the central idea, and drafted an introduction for a personal narrative. Now you will continue this process by finishing your essay.

When you are ready, click play on the video below.

Locate Handout 34: Personal Narrative Elements, which you previously downloaded. Also have available Handout 32 (your completed graphic organizers) and Handout 39 (your drafted introduction). 

When you are ready to begin drafting, reread the introduction you wrote on Handout 39. You may want to revise it.

Then, finish drafting your essay on Handout 39.

Remember, a personal narrative has a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the body of your essay, be sure to incorporate the details you listed in the third graphic organizer on Handout 32.

As you write, pretend you are modeling an actual lesson for your students. Focus on your thought processes and how you include the key elements of personal narratives (on Handout 34).

When you are finished, think about this writing experience. What has been its effect on you and the way you will teach writing? Jot down your thoughts in your teaching journal.