Overview of R-Controlled Syllables

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Overview of R-Controlled Syllables
Video Demonstration

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Lesson Plan
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An r-controlled syllable is a syllable in which the r “controls” the vowel sound. In closed syllables, or syllables where a consonant “closes” in the vowel, the vowel makes its short sound. However, if the vowel is followed by the letter r, the vowel does not make its expected sound.

For example, the a in pat makes the short a sound, but when an r is added, the word becomes part and the r changes the sound the a makes.

Teaching students the characteristics of r-controlled syllables is crucial. Many words contain r-controlled syllables, so the sooner students learn these basic concepts, the sooner they’ll be able to read connected text and spell more words.

Six Syllable Types



Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to teach students to read and write words with r-controlled syllables.

The writing portion of the video models the use of a spelling support card to help students discriminate between the five different r-controlled vowel sounds.

Please click to download and print the R-Controlled Syllables Support Card and Word Webs handouts for part of the video. The handouts may also be downloaded from the RELATED ITEMS section below, or you may use the lesson materials packet from the Overview section at the beginning of this resource.

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