Tejas LEE Classroom Materials

"El Inventario de Lectura en Español de Tejas" (Tejas LEE) is an assessment tool that measures student's reading, comprehension and reading related skills in Spanish. Designed for use with students in Kindergarten through third grade, the Tejas LEE helps teachers identify student's strengths and problem areas, monitor student progress over the course of the school year, and plan and deliver targeted instruction.

Please note that TPRI and Tejas LEE are two separate systems that assess different reading skills. Tejas LEE is an authentic Spanish assessment, not a Spanish translation of TPRI. Several Texas Educational Service Centers and districts have individuals who have received training from the authors of the Tejas LEE. Be sure to check with your ESC or district for trainings that may be available to you for administering Tejas LEE to students, or contact the program authors at TejasLEE.Info@times.uh.edu.

The following Tejas Lee materials are available for download.

2010–2014 Guía de administración: Kindergarten, Pimer grado, Segundo grado

Cuaderno de lecturas—Kindergarten, Pimer grado, Segundo grado, Tercer grado

Task Cards—Kindergarten

Task Cards—Primer grado

Task Cards—Segundo grado

Folleto de respuestas del estudiante—Kindergarten

Folleto de respuestas del estudiante—Pimer grado

Folleto de respuestas del estudiante—Segundo grado

Folleto de respuestas del estudiante—Tercer grado

Resumen de la clase—Kindergarten

Resumen de la clase—Primer grado

Resumen de la clase—Segundo grado

Resumen de la clase—Tercer grado

Guía de actividades de intervención