The Purpose of TPRI

The purpose of the TPRI is to provide valuable information that will help teachers plan for instruction and meet the specific needs of diverse learners.

The TPRI does this with the following three tools:

1. The Screening Section identifies students who may be considered at-risk for reading difficulty.

2. The Inventory Section identifies students’ strengths and instructional needs as readers.

3. The Intervention Activities Guide (IAG) offers lesson planning tools and intervention activities to provide additional opportunities for practice.



Screening, Inventory, and Other Types of Assessments

The TPRI includes three types of assessments. The three types are as follows:

1. Screening

2. Benchmark (Inventory)

3. Progress Monitoring

Each type of assessment has a unique design and use, because each type of assessment has a different purpose.

Review the Types of Assessments handout for more information on different types of assessments and their purposes.



Early Identification is Important

Reading research tells us that early identification of students who may be at-risk for reading difficulties is key. Without early intervention, struggling readers may have difficulty keeping up with grade-level standards as they progress in their schooling. The TPRI is a tool that can reliably identify students early so appropriate instruction and intervention can be provided.



WHY Main Idea

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