OnTRACK Grade 8 Math: Proportionality

  • Subject(s): Math
  • Grade Range: 8 - 12
  • Release date: 08-22-2015
  • Tags: similar shapes, similar figures, dilation, translation, reflection, graphing, reduction, enlargement, coordinate plane, coordinate dilation, Center of Dilation, slope, rate of change, multiple representations, linear functions, Linear Functions, unit rate, proportion, graph, linear function, verbal description, table, representations, equation, predict, justify, data, trend line, scatterplot, linear association, bivariate data, proportional, OnTRACK Grade 8 Math, non-proportional, relationship, graphs, functional, Data sets


Students learn to to use proportional relationships to describe dilation; explain proportional and non-proportional relationships involving slope; and use proportional and non-proportional relationships to develop foundational concepts of functions.


M.7.5.C, M.8.3.A, M.8.3.B, M.8.3.C, M.8.10.A, M.8.10.B, M.8.4.A, M.8.4.B, M.8.4.C, M.8.5.A, M.8.5.B, M.8.5.I, M.A.2.B, M.8.5.C, M.8.5.D, M.8.11.A, M.8.5.F, M.8.5.H, M.8.5.G