OnTRACK Grade 7 Math: Expressions, Equations, and Relationships

  • Subject(s): Math
  • Grade Range: 7
  • Release date: 08-22-2015
  • Tags: symbols, solve, OnTrack, models, Grade 7 Math, equations, polygon, math, grade 7, estimation, composite figure, circle, area, volume, triangular prism, rectangular prism, prisms, triangular pyramid, rectangular pyramid, Pyramids, surface area, pyramid, prism, nets, lateral area, cylinder, project share, pictorial representations, art, architecture


Students will learn to develop mathematical relationships and make connections to geometric formulas; use geometry to solve problems; use one-variable equations or inequalities in problem situations; and use multiple representations to develop foundational concepts of simultaneous linear equations.


M.7.1.B, M.7.1.C, M.7.1.D, M.7.11.A, M.7.9.C, M.7.9.B, M.7.8.A, M.7.8.B, M.7.9.A, M.7.9.D, M.7.5.C